NEPTAC Clinical Faculty Award Nomination Form

Every year the New England Physical Therapist Assistant Consortium (NEPTAC) recognizes one Clinical Educator from each member school with a Clinical Faculty Award. Recipients are selected for their commitment to providing high quality PTA student clinical education through innovation in design and delivery of learning experiences, excellence in clinical teaching, promotion of student excellence, and/or participation in student mentoring activities.


  • A. Currently practicing as a physical therapist (PT) or physical therapist assistant (PTA) in a clinical setting.
  • B. May be acting in the role of Clinical Instructor (CI) or Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE).
  • C. Has mentored/educated at least one (1) PTA student within the past year, or been involved in PTA education in some other way.
  • D. Demonstration of excellence in at least one area of PTA clinical education: (related to one of the following categories).
    • 1) Pursuit of professional growth and development in the area of clinical teaching.
    • 2) Demonstration of effective instruction to specific learning needs and levels through meaningful learning experiences.
    • 3) Skill and commitment in the management of exceptional student clinical learning experiences.
    • 4) Development of peers (PT's or PTA's) as Clinical Instructors.
    • 5) Development of activities which promote students' professional growth and development.

Nomination Essay: Describe how this nominee enhanced the quality of clinical education for the PTA student. You may use the areas of excellence described above or other attributes or actions deserving recognition. Thank you for taking the time to recognize a physical therapy clinician who has improved the quality of clinical education of physical therapist assistant students. Please keep essay to a maximum of 500 words.

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